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Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, but also by sharing the fantastic idea, we enjoyed partnering with raffle. - a unique idea turned into a beautiful digital product.

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By Aleksandar    |     20 Jul 2021   |    Testimonial    |    Views 2139

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, but also by sharing the fantastic idea, we enjoyed partnering with raffle. - a unique idea turned into a beautiful digital product.

raffle. is the world's first marketplace for marketing personal belongings, tied into a unique mobile app! We are excited to introduce an innovative e-commerce concept, where you participate in a product raffle which you are interested in. If you are lucky enough, you' ll win it for 50 cents only! If not, there are million of other products, so give it a try with another one!

Sell your personal belongings at the price you want and experience a new e-commerce experience & secure trading with raffle. mobile app!

Special thanks to Kay and the opportunity to support and grow together with raffle. as digital partners.

Tell us something about your company (core business, what do you do in general).

We live in a rapidly changing world. In the past 20 years, almost everything has changed, how we communicate, how we shop, everything.

For over 25 years the customer-to-customer market has barely changed. The way customers buy from customers has not changed for 25 years. With our online marketplace, we want to give our customers a new and intuitive possibility to sell and buy their personal belongings.

How have you started, where are you currently standing (company development stage), your plans for future?

Back in 2017, I started working on the idea of “raffle.” and created a pitch deck and business plan. But during my master's studies, I did not find enough time to run the startup seriously.

After my master's degree, I decided to found my startup to be able to work more independently. Currently, I am still relatively at an early stage with my business. The difference between 2017 and now is that I took the next step and invested in an Android MVP for "raffle.".

With the MVP I want to test the user acceptance of our online marketplace. It is much easier to win over investors by showing them that not only we do like the idea, but also our customers do.

"Why should an investor invest his money in you and your idea if you're not even willing to invest anything in yourself and your idea."

Describe an environment you are doing business (online and/or offline process, your customers experience, differentiation within competition).

We are only engaged in online business. The great advantage of online business models is the high scalability.

How do you handle the digital challenges within global pandemics? How do you see an issues in your business and how do you see the partnership with Vitec Visual Technology?

Corona is the reason why I started my startup. I finished my master's degree exactly during the first lockdown. No company in Germany was hiring new people during that time. Corona was one of the reasons for me to have the courage to start my digital business.

What is the essence of today's business and how to overcome it?

Just dare to do it and work hard every day to reach your goals.

Why is it important to believe in yourself and create valuable business partnerships?

You can't do everything on your own. You always need partners who support you in achieving your goals. It is important to focus on the things you are good at and find good partners who can help you with the other things you can't do.

Few words about Vitec GmbH as your partner

I am very glad to have Vitec GmbH as a development partner. Without Vitec, it would not be possible for me to push my startup further. The development is excellent! But what I really appreciate to work with Vitec is that they don’t just develop the things I want, they also support me with their experience and give me some great ideas.

Special thanks to Kay and opportunity to support and grow together with raffle. as digital business. Looking forward to our future ventures and happy mobile app!

Kay Hönemann - CEO & Founder Of Raffle. UG On Partnership With Vitec GmbH

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