Does your business website homepage or app home screen look like this? WHY this is not a good UI/UX design?


First mistake - This is currently your short intro box

Since the font is too small (same font size headline and paragraph), page is not responsive on the website, or simply it’s an app without navigation. You go with an idea to say something nice in one sentence – since someone is here it must be read through!

Second mistake – Immediately, you put your selling lines

Contact info bolded and with bigger font, since you do believe if somebody landed on your website or installed your app you put the information in what way somebody can spend money on your services or products. Anyway, lack of explaining WHAT is it that you do, it should be obvious enough – it’s my company!

Third mistake – You just put info, without elaborating

SYou do put some product/service name and link those to contact page, maybe again repeat the contact info without any linking to the product page or any thought on making unique customers’ journey. You think ‘if somebody came to my website, he/she just have to be in a need of my products or services, so they’’ll most likely reach out.’

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